Briefly in English - Apprenticeship training

For student Apprenticeship training is a practical way of getting new skills or qualification or find a new profession. For employers it is a prefect way of training employees or recruiting new personnel.

The target for Apprenticeship can be either competence-based qualification or part/parts of it. Apprenticeship is always based on a contract of employment, and it is required in order to start Apprenticeship studies. Apprenticeship is possible also for Entrepreneurs.

The parties in Apprenticeship are student, employer and the VET provider.

There are three levels of competence-based qualifications:

  • Vocational qualifications indicate competence to enter employment in the field.
  • Further vocational qualifications indicate the vocational skills required of skilled workers in the field.
  • Specialist vocational qualifications indicate a command of the most demanding tasks in the field.

In order to complete a competence-based qualification, candidates must demonstrate certain skills and competence required in the profession. These skills are outlined in the Requirements of Competence-based Qualifications defined by the Finnish National Board of Education. Vocational modules are defined in collaboration with representatives of business life and are directly based on real-life work tasks. This part will be proceed jointly by VET provider, student and their workplace.

In Apprenticeships, preparatory training has been divided in preparatory training in VET and more importantly learning on the job, authentic work environment and with real work tasks. Weekly working hours should be no less than approximately 25 hours per week. Apprenticeship is always based on a contract of employment. The duration of an apprenticeship contract depends on the target and varies from 1 month (some part of vocational qualification) to two years (e.g. in Vocational qualifications).

An individualisation plan is prepared for each student to help them acquire the required vocational skills. The plan takes into account the individual’s life circumstances, competencies, identified learning needs and opportunities for on-the-job learning. A named workplace instructor will help and support the student at the workplace.

Apprenticeship training provider, such as Ekami Apprenticeship will plan the studies together with the student and the employer, help and support throughout the way.

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